Millennium Bridge, London
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Names (left to right): My nieces Kiera Benson and Samantha Patterson, and my daughter Aleah Escobedo

Where photo taken: On the Millennium Bridge in London, England, June 2010

Best meal: Hands down, the girls all agreed it was Vrisaki's, a Greek restaurant in London, located at 73 Myddleton Road ("BEST FOOD EVER", they said in unison), and a small ice cream shop near the London Eye.

Best deal: The girls went with my parents, so they have no idea on deals. However, my mom said that it would have to be the Glenlyn Hotel. They rented a roomy and comfy apartment that slept 5 people for 100 pounds per night.

Best time to go: It depends on what you're after - anytime is a good time to visit London. But the spring and autumn are nice - it's not so busy with tourists.

Best travel tip: Pack light and have a pair of comfy shoes. Also, keep your mind open as plans can change anytime!
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